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Welcome to Anthraxium - The 442nd Element. Click here to make your homepage.  Please join my free email service.  Most people have email, why not have Anthrax in it?
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Major news.  Here is a link to the interview that I did for  Talked with Scott about the new album, along with his interests in comic books.
Well, finally got the password back for the site, so there will be more updates soon.
Anthrax is doing great on WZZN - 94.7 in Chicago.  Click here to help them stay high on the top 20!
Go see Anthrax on Carson Daly's Show
Anthrax commercial for Safe Home is available from  Look for it on "music"TV(MTV)  Most likely will be on Much Music first since MTV doesn't play real music.
I did an interview with Robbie from Godsmack.  Located here:  UGO
Watch the Anthrax TV Commercial.  It features the beginning of "What Doesn't Die"
Anthrax played with Godsmack on May 1st at the Agora Theatre for the release of HeadBanger's Ball.  I won tickets, so I went with my woman there.  Saw Spidey from the boards, but wish I could have seen more of you.  Saw them on May 13th at Mt. Clemens.  Pictures are up under the Anthrax Pics area.

Just a quick note:  Got "We've Come For You All" sent to me by Anthrax's Press Company, and wow!  Absolutely awesome, listen to it every day.  Lyrics are up under the lyrics section.

Not sure how many caught this, Anthrax was on the Simpson's 300th episode!  Well, sorta, one of the kids spelled "Anthrax" for his word in the spelling bee.
Anthrax released the new album "We've Come For You All" in Japan on 2/4/03, in Europe 2/24/03, and in the US on 4/6/03.  Sanctuary Records brought it to the U.S.
New song "What Doesn't Die" on the Nuclear Blast's Site
The latest words from our man Charlie!
Newest Alpha Mail, straight from Scott!
Immortality - This guy thinks that humans can live forever; I think he may be right.
New Area of the site, probably doesn't interest many of you, but Pictures of Trains!
This site has nothing to do with the virus Anthrax, the New York City ( NYC) or Florida attacks, NBC, ABC, Governor's Office, the Sun, terrorist attacks, or germs, but here's some links... - Great Q & A about the virus

Here's a link to the article about a lady that wants her street name changed because it is called Anthrax St.

New Site is up, Totally Awesome, And I'm one of the founding Fathers.  
10/2 -Anthrax pictures are finally updated.  Also, I'm lookin for more Midi files.  If you can share, please email them to   Thanks. - It's the source for official Anthrax Shirts and hats.
Contact me on AIM as AnthraxFan, I'm on there sometimes.

Oh yeah, My old website was listed not once, but TWICE in Anthrax - Attack of the Killer A's CD cover!  It was also listed on the Anthrax Home Video!

Contact me at